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Bridgewater Now 100% Tobacco-Free

On October 1, 2018, Bridgewater Retirement Community became completely smoke-free. That means no smoking or tobacco products are allowed anywhere on the campus – this applies to residents, visitors, and team members alike.

The Bridgewater community has been planning this move for more than a year. Tobacco products (not just cigarettes, but pipes, cigars, dip, and chewing tobacco) have long been to be harmful to your health.  Since we value everyone’s well-being, we wanted to create an environment that minimizes risk and promotes wellness for everyone.

Over this past year, we have worked with our team members as we moved toward this transition. We offered smoking cessation programs to help, and some have taken advantage of it. (We don’t require team members and visitors to be tobacco-free when they are off campus.)

On October 1, Laura Spicer, our new Director of Wellbeing and Engagement, passed out treats, and many team members wore red to celebrate the day.  Because of the extensive planning and open communication, the transition went very smoothly. We know the health and wellness benefits will be worth the hard work.


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.