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Volunteers play an essential role in everyday life at BRC. So much of what we do to engage with residents and support their vitality and independence wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteer force.

Volunteer On Campus

Whether you are a resident, team member, family member, or community member, BRC can connect you with meaningful opportunities to give of your time and talents to serve others.

BRC’s volunteer services department manages opportunities with Assisted Living and Nursing Households, and coordinates volunteer recruitment, orientation, screening, placements, and recognition.

Household Friends 

Our household friends play a vital role in the life of our nursing households! Volunteers provide assistance during mealtimes and help transport residents to and from the dining rooms, hair appointments, and campus events. With many household residents being limited in mobility, volunteering to assist in transporting residents from their households to community activities, vespers, the beauty shop, and other campus locations is an amazing way you can help residents stay connected and engaged.

Most importantly, our household friends visit with residents who may need extra social engagement, providing them with friendship and vital human connection.

Restorative Fitness Buddies 

Keeping our residents strong and independent is a primary focus in all levels of living at BRC. Our fitness team does fantastic work focusing on range of motion and strength training to foster independence. Fitness buddies assist the fitness team in carrying out programs, transporting residents to the gym and activities, participating in the fun, and being residents’ best cheerleaders!

More Than Words 

Where words fail, music speaks. Do you have a music talent that you would be willing to share to enhance the quality of life for BRC’s residents? This volunteer opportunity is open to individuals who have a passion for music. Bring in your instrument, play a piano in one of our households, or lend your voice to lead a hymn sing!

Rendever Armchair Travel Volunteers 

Ready to go on an adventure? Our new virtual reality headsets put the world at our residents’ fingertips! Armchair Travel volunteers assist residents as they explore ancient cities, drift through the clouds in hot air balloons, or dive underwater to swim with dolphins.

Start Volunteering at BRC Today!

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Pssst… BRC resident and Team Members

Are you a resident or team member looking for ways to volunteer on- or off-campus? Volunteer Services can connect you with opportunities through our regional partnerships, Community Connections Team, resident organizations, and more! Contact Laura Powell today to get started.


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.