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Is a retirement community truly affordable? Living in a Life Plan Community comes with security, peace of mind, and an abundance of amenities. So you may be wondering how much all those perks cost.

The truth may surprise you. While Life Plan Communities may seem like more expensive retirement options, we offer a wide range of entrance options—many of which compare very favorably with the cost of maintaining your own home.

Fee Structures for each Level of Living

Independent Living

Residents entering at the level of Independent Living pay an entrance fee for a lifetime lease on the property of their choice and a monthly service fee.

Assisted Living/Memory Support

For Assisted Living and Memory Support, there is a daily fee, billed monthly. The amount depends on the apartment chosen and level of support needed.

Nursing Households

Residents in our Nursing Households pay a daily fee which is billed monthly. The amount of the fee depends on whether the room is private or semi-private.

The fee structure for Independent Living is where we get the most questions, so that’s what we focus on below. More information about affordability for Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing Households is available on our FAQ page.

Your dream retirement is more affordable than you may think.

The value of residency at BRC is hard to put a price on. As a resident, you experience freedom from the responsibilities of maintaining your own home, lock in security for the future, and gain access to several amenities. When considering the costs of maintaining your own home, an affordable retirement community often compares favorably. Let’s take a look at how it works.

The total cost of residency in Independent Living breaks down into two categories: an entrance fee and a monthly fee.

As a fee-for-service community, BRC does not require advance payment for services you may never need. You pay for additional care and services only if you use them.

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees cover a lifetime lease on the property of your choice and lifetime status as a BRC Resident. You can choose between three entrance fee options to best suit your financial goals. Note the entrance fee is required only for admission into Independent Living; there is no entrance fee for Assisted Living, Memory Support, or Nursing Households.

Declining Refund

  • Most affordable retirement community entrance fee option
  • Amortized over 7 years with the refundable balance declining each year

50% Refundable

  • Moderate entrance fee
  • Preserves a 50% portion of your entrance fee that is refundable to you or your heirs

100% Refundable

  • Requires the highest entrance fee
  • The entire fee is refundable to you or your heirs

Monthly Service Fee

The monthly service fee covers the cost of maintenance, activities, campus events, transportation to local medical appointments, access to amenities, and even a monthly meal allowance that can be used at BRC dining venues and a few select local restaurants.

Depending on the residence you choose, some utilities or enhanced services (like weekly housekeeping) may also be included in your monthly service fee.

Meal Plan



Fitness Center


Campus Events

So what kind of numbers are we talking about here?

Each property is priced individually, so there is an enormous range of possibilities. In the fiscal year 2023, the median entrance fee for the declining refund entrance option is $232,286. The median monthly service fee for two persons is $1,864. BRC offers a wide range of properties, so your fees could be considerably less or more.

The best way to determine your financial eligibility is to talk to one of our marketing counselors. As a general rule (and depending on your age) you are likely but not guaranteed to qualify with net assets that are at minimum 3x your selected property’s entrance fee, and income at least 3x the monthly fee.

Home No Matter What

Living at BRC gives you the security that, should your needs change, you’ll have access to supportive services and world-class healthcare. And that’s true no matter what. Approximately one-fourth of assisted living and nursing residents have exhausted their financial resources.

The Forever Family Endowment bridges the gap—ensuring that all residents can remain at BRC for the rest of their lives, regardless of ability to pay.*

Learn more about our affordable retirement community. Review your finances with a BRC Marketing Counselor:


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.