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Easter Basket Joy

The COVID-19 crisis couldn’t dampen our Easter joy! Every year, students from John Wayland Elementary School visit our nursing household and assisted living residents and collect surveys that find out what each resident would like to receive in an Easter basket. Luckily, they were able to visit this year before our visitor restrictions went into place.

While here, they gathered critical intel (favorite candies, pass-time activities, personal care items, and more) so that we could create customized Easter baskets for each resident.

All of this is made possible by the generous support of hundreds of donors. This year, we raised more money than we needed to cover the cost of our own residents’ baskets, so we decided to pay it forward by including the participants at the Generations Crossing adult care program in on the fun.








In the end, we prepared over 200 custom baskets. Of course, things were different this year. Usually, the John Wayland students return to deliver the baskets themselves, but this year they were distributed by the nursing team in accordance with our COVID-19 policies. We also typically have volunteers help prepare the baskets, but it was all up to team members this year.

Our residents and the and participants at Generations Crossing were thrilled! It was a true Easter gift.


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.