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Get Your Motor Running

By: Nicole Yeago, Director, Genesis Rehab at Bridgewater Retirement Community

Winter is a time of year that, for the most of us, will slow our motors down. Time changes, darkening our days much sooner than we are ready for, and shortening our very busy day. The weather changes, and for a lot of us, we would like to hibernate. But hibernating isn’t going to help, so get off the couch, drop the excuses, and try out some of these tricks to beat those winter woes!


Wear confidence

Don’t replace your normal wear for baggy clothing. Keep dry, think warm, and allow your silhouette to show!!


Stay physical

Don’t go home and settle on your couch until your workout is complete. Once you lounge, there is no going back so most definitely take a little time each day to do something physical!

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Go outside

Wrap up and go have a little fun! Winter has its own wonderland of possibilities. If nothing else, take a walk and refresh your mind; use this time to relax.


Dress warm

Take some time out for yourself and invest in some new gear. When you look the part, you will definitely have more motivation. Just don’t forget your footwear. This is an area where most people will try and save money. I absolutely recommend and strongly encourage you to invest some time in finding the right footwear that fits you.


Take it slow

This is not a time of year to go all crazy. Set aside some time and if that doesn’t work, it’s ok! You can get that workout in at another time. A simple walk goes a long way.


Find a wingman

Sometimes we hold ourselves more accountable when we have someone else to think of. It is hard to cancel a date when we are making it with others. Guilt gut sets in and somehow we find the motivation to get up and go. And to be honest, don’t you feel better afterwards?

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Refresh your playlist

Find yourself that “just right beat” that gets you moving.



In cold weather your thirst can be diminished, but it is just as important. Do not be fooled. Match your intake to your workout.


So, in conclusion, Don’t lose your drive. Fitness is a constant challenge and a long backroads ride! Get up and get your motor running!


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.