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Hidden Treasures

When anyone asks me what the best thing about Bridgewater Retirement Community is, I reply without hesitation, “our residents!” It’s the people here that make Bridgewater a special place.

This meditation by our Director of Communications, Lev Norford, is proof of that. In it, she talks about the small and unexpected surprises that enrich our lives. I hope you enjoy her insights as much as I did.
-Elizabeth McNeal, Director of Sales & Marketing

Hidden Treasures

By Lev Norford

Not long ago, I decided to enter one of our buildings by a door that I seldom use. There, at the corner of the building, was a glorious display of azaleas and early spring flowers that I would not have noticed if I had not changed my routine. What a delight to see something new that had gone unnoticed.

I began wondering what other hidden treasures I could find if I just started being more aware. The next day my husband showed me small clumps of Edelweiss that had popped up in our yard. What a treat!

These bright examples of spring, though certainly not where we expected to find them, brought us joy in an unexpected place. I also observed that God often plants things and people in places that will surprise and delight us if we just take the time to change from our routine paths.

I find our whole community an unexpected place to discover new and exciting things and people.  Residents move in from a broad variety of places with different life experiences.

They bring with them stories to tell and wisdom to share. Creating and building on these ideas is one of those treasured abilities that gives our community purpose.

Many of our residents are like the flowers I discovered. They come quietly to live in a new place, not knowing what it will offer them or what they will receive. Then suddenly, one day they discover new ways to enjoy what is here; others joyfully discover connections they have not known before.

Interest in current affairs has long been known as one of the things that keep minds engaged. By nature, we humans are curious. We have a strong desire for information about what goes on around us, and more importantly, how that information will impact our living.

As I write this, around our community there are many interested residents watching the construction on our independent living apartment building, The Grove, and the new connector building that will house our exciting new bistro and assisted living apartments.

Construction and machinery seem to be of just as much interest to adults as they are to young children digging in the sandbox. What fun to have new things to think about and something exciting to watch. We invite you to find the treasures here anytime.



To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.