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A New Year Means a New Bridgewater Retirement Community

Big changes are coming to Bridgewater! We have an exciting plan to make Bridgewater Retirement Community more connected, brighter and more modern. New buildings are going up and older buildings are getting a full makeover. The result will be more space, more amenities, and even more residents!

New Buildings and Renovations

We are very excited to add The Grove, an all-new independent living apartment building built from the ground up with residents in mind. Response to our announcement on the Grove has been phenomenal, and we can’t wait for the building to be complete and new residents to move in. To learn more, join us on January 24 at 2:00 call 540-828-2550 to register.

In addition to The Grove, BRC is also building an addition that will connect the assisted living community with the Houff Community Center. The connector building is part of a larger renovation plan that will add a bistro, coffee shop, hair salon, library, lounge and an expanded wellness center area to the community center. The new dining area will double in size and offer an outdoor dining area.

Also, as we reported in September, Hearthstone Manor will undergo major interior renovations as well as Assisted Living. The Assisted Living renovation will enhance the size of our existing apartments and include the addition of a full ensuite bathroom to each room. The assisted living common areas will be redesigned to bring in more natural light and accommodate soft seating and fireplaces for added home-like comforts.

Bridgewater Retirement Community will also be constructing an additional memory support house. The current memory support home, The Gardner House, remains full and the need is only increasing.

Traffic Re-Routing and Construction Updates

All this construction means a new traffic flow to the community. Safety fencing has been erected, and we will need to re-route traffic through Bridgewater while we are building. Please refer to the map accompanying this article.

Bridgewater Retirement Community will be keeping the community updated on the construction progress through an electronic newsletter Building Connections.  We are publishing the first issue in The Bridge and on our website.  In addition to our website, future issues of this newsletter will be provided electronically by email. To sign up for an electronic copy please send your name and email address to:  You can stay tuned to our construction progress as we update this regularly.

Adding People and Energy to Bridgewater

As Bridgewater’s president Rodney Alderfer said, all this new construction is about making and strengthening connections. The new apartments, communities, and common spaces will not only bring new residents, it will better connect those of who already here. We are all looking forward to the first part of 2020, when construction and renovations will be done. New neighbors will be settling in, and longtime residents will be enjoying the new community spaces and amenities. There will certainly be a lot of energy at Bridgewater!


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.