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Volunteer Spotlight: “Adopt-a-Household” at Bridgewater Retirement Community


At Bridgewater Retirement Community, our goal is to keep residents engaged in the local community. We welcome participation from local churches, schools, civic organizations, and businesses to visit our residents! One-time group opportunities are available.

Interested in being more involved? The Adopt-a-Household project might be the best opportunity for your organization. This program offers the opportunity to build relationships with residents in one of the six nursing households through visiting one time per month.

This experience is sure to not only enhance the lives of residents but to enhance those in your organization as well.

For more information, please contact Laura Ipock Powell at 540-828-2682 or


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.