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Volunteer Spotlight: Betty Caricofe

As of this month, Betty Caricofe has lived in Bridgewater Village for six years. She and her husband, J.H., are great examples of people who have come “full circle” in life.

Betty has spent the last two years volunteering as president of the BRC Village Residents Association. Some people like being in the background; not all like to lead. Betty was reluctant to take on this big job but has found it interesting and has appreciated the opportunity to learn about fellow BRC residents.

Growing up north of Roanoke, VA in the Cloverdale area, she attended the Brethren church and graduated from Troutville High School.

She then entered Bridgewater College where she met J.H. They became sweethearts, married after graduation and moved to Richmond, Virginia where they stayed for three years while J.H. was in medical school. Betty taught elementary school in Henrico County.

They moved to Lancaster, PA for J.H. to complete his residency, and then settled into a new home in Union Bridge, Maryland when J.H began to practice medicine there. That was home for 55 years.

Their four children—one son and three daughters—all grew up in Maryland; none of them live there now. So, when Betty and J.H. decided to “right-size” into retirement, Bridgewater Retirement Community was just where they knew they wanted to be.

It was much closer to their children, their seven grandchildren, and their 10 (so far) great-grandchildren. It also spoke to their Brethren connection, their college connection, and gave them the opportunity to not only reconnect with many old friends but also make new ones.

Working with the Village Residents Association has given Betty opportunities to meet and work with many people. She is also very involved in other areas. She volunteers in Cottage Gifts and is the person responsible for ordering the selection of beautiful greeting cards.

She and J.H. are volunteers for the meal delivery program in Independent Living, delivering lunchtime meals once a week. Her other interests include singing in the Village choir, performing with the line dancing group and participating in the book club.

Betty offers some sage advice to new-comers. “There are many opportunities to volunteer and become engaged in activities here. You have to be careful to choose the things you enjoy and not overcommit.”

She adds another piece of wisdom. “Right-sizing is a good way to think of things when you are facing the challenge of moving. Right-sizing sounds much more positive than down-sizing your possessions for a smaller space,” she says.

We agree! Plus, the concept also applies to your increased freedom to add activities and engagement to your life in a new home. Thanks, Betty!


To remain eligible for the Home No Matter What Promise, residents must fulfill their obligations in turn as citizens of the BRC community and not give away the resources needed to meet financial obligations to BRC.